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Alignment Assessment

While the Weekend Assessment helps us determine how well you might be hitting the mark on the weekend, the Alignment Assessment gives us the opportunity to partner with you to assess the work that’s being done during the week to prepare for the weekend. It assesses the connection between the church leadership and creative teams, examines best weekly practices for teams in service programming, and helps identify the things that could lead to long-term challenges or success.


Conferences are a big part of how ministries share ideas and get better together. We’d be honored to be a part of your conference, offering keynotes on Why Creatives Are Burning Out, How To Build A Better Team, and What Your Senior/Creative Pastor Wishes You Knew as well as breakout sessions from our "Be A Leader That…" series, covering topics like attracting and maintaining high capacity volunteers, designing lighting for engagement, leading your teams successfully through each weekend, and unforgettable service programming.

Creative Retreats

Do your creative need a reset? Some fresh perspective? Some encouragement and inspiration to launch them into a season of doing their best work? We'll collaborate with you and design a retreat to meet the specific needs of your team and help them find rest, insight and return motivated to take the next step in pursuing God's call on their lives.

On-Site Training

If you’re looking for something more in-depth and interactive than video training, we can bring the training you need right to your team. Whether this is an operational training for your audio or lighting operators or a philosophical training on how to engage through worship, we’ll come prepared to invest in your team!

Service Design

The two biggest weekends in church are often Christmas and Easter. We know how challenging planning those two experiences can be and we just happen to love every minute of it! This free resource will walk you through a comprehensive creative planning system, complete with calendars, agendas, brainstorming ideas, and more to ensure that you have your most memorable experience yet!