Creating custom solutions that align creativity with the mission of the local church

Our yearly partnership includes

  • Leadership Development

  • On-Site Creative and Production Team Training

  • Set Design, Build, and Installation

  • Personalized Support

  • Monthly Coaching

  • Team Building



Custom designed to align with the mission of your church


One-on-one coaching

Once we get to know you and your ministry we can help your leaders set goals and focus on accomplishing them. We will identify any difficulties or recurring patterns and reflect back practical ways to lead your teams more effectively.

Coaching happens via regularly scheduled phone or video calls, which we can help set up. Live coaching is available if you’re in the Charlotte, NC area.


On-Site Training

Every yearly partnership includes four on-site trainings. Here’s the best part — you choose what kind of training we bring to you. It’s like choosing hyper focused breakouts from the best conferences and delivering them right to your doorstep.

We will instill your church’s mission, team building exercises, and best practices across your various departments including service programming, worship teams and leaders, live audio mixing, lighting design, video operation and so much more!


Stage Design

During our first visit we will measure your stages and will gather a full list of your audio/video/lighting equipment. This enables us to build custom stage designs and supply you with the equipment necessary to elevate your weekend experience in a way that works with your budget.

Each quarter we will deliver and install a new stage design and partner with your team to make sure you’re ready for the coming services.



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