Creating custom solutions that align creativity with the mission of the local church

Our yearly partnership includes

  • Leadership Development

  • On-Site Creative and Production Team Training

  • Set Design, Build, and Installation

  • Personalized Support

  • Monthly Coaching

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Custom designed to align with the mission of your church

It starts with us coming to you. We can’t design anything for you before we know who you are and what God is doing through your church. We want to learn everything we can so that we can get started. Imagine the leap forward this could provide in just a year’s time!


One-on-one coaching

We’re excited to offer monthly one-on-one coaching for you or one of your leaders to help them set and accomplish goals throughout the year.

The most common way we do this is by phone or video conference, which we can help set up with you. Live coaching is available if you’re in the Charlotte, NC area.

This process will help you identify what’s making it difficult to reach those goals you set every year and will completely change the way you’re doing ministry. It will also catapult your leadership potential and maximize the impact of the team you’re leading.


On-Site Training

Every yearly partnership can include four on-site trainings. Here’s the best part — you choose what kind of training we bring to you. It’s like choosing the best breakouts from the best conferences and delivering them right to the doorstep of your staff and volunteer teams.

We’ll work with you and your teams to train mission aligned service programming, best practices for worship leaders and teams, team building, audio mixing, lighting design, video operation and so much more!


Stage Design

During our first visit as partners, you’ll notice that we’ll be measuring your stages and getting a full list of your audio/video/lighting equipment. This will make it possible for us to build custom stage designs for your stage and to supply you with the lighting necessary to elevate your weekend experience on a consistent basis.

Each quarter we’ll deliver and install a new stage design and work with your team to make sure you’re ready for the coming weekend.

We’ll provide thousands of dollars worth of lighting that will remain at your campuses and will be updated throughout the course of our partnership.



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